Quote Hoarders

Quote Hoarders: Episode #1

Hello there!

It is a fact well known to all avid readers that when they come upon a beautiful sentence/ set of sentences, they save it away in a corner of their brain. For those with sucky memory such as yours truly, there’s the Word document on your laptop. Quote Hoarders will focus on a quote a week. These are the quotes that speak to you. That make you feel something. They put into words a feeling which you’d never be able to say as perfectly.

Episode #1 of Quote Hoarders will share the first quote every person on the hoarder- bibliophile spectrum would have quoted at some point in their life.


Note: The background image is from Pixabay and is free of copyrights.

You can go back to your book now, reader. Stay tuned for episode #2 next week!



Are you a fellow quote hoarder? How obsessive compulsive are you when it comes to quotes? Let me know in the comments!

~ Shruti




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