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Celebrity reactions tag: Tina Fey

I have a huge obsession with Tina Fey. I have watched 30 Rock a gazillion times and I have a whole bunch of her reaction GIFs saved to whip out in the comments section of any post on Facebook. While looking through said GIFs to deliver a virtual comeback, I had an “AHA!” moment.

How would it be if we made our favorite celebs react to the books we read?

Without further ado, let us bring out the first book for Queen Fey to judge.

  1. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer41865 And how does our celeb react to it? oh-brother
  2. The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis 53367Madam Fey? tina-fey-gif Ah, don’t we all want to go to Narnia!
  3. Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James10818853Over to Queen Fey.xgcdatb  giphy1
  4. Looking for Alaska by John Green99561A book with such polarizing reviews. What does Tina Fey think? 30-rock30-rock-quoteshipstertina-feyWell, that was expected. (I thought it was hipster nonsense too. *Hides from John Green’s fans*)


That’s it for today, folks! I’m leaving the challenge open. If you’re interested in doing it, please do! Link it back to me so that I can look at your posts and comment. (Also because I’m vain and I want your followers to look at my blog too. 😛 )


  • Always use the celebrity I have picked for the week.
  • Make them react to a minimum of 3 books (maximum: 5).
  • Link back to me for reasons mentioned above.
  • Tag anyone you want to do this. You can also leave the tag open and get interested readers to do it by themselves instead.


What did you think of this post? Are you a fellow Tina Fey fan? Let me know in the comments so that we can fangirl together!

~ Shruti


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