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We need to talk about Sarah Andersen.


We need to talk about Sarah Andersen. Cartoonist extraordinaire. Creator of Sarah’s Scribbles. Author of Adulthood Is a Myth.


And go check out her website. Have you followed her yet?No? Do it ASAP. Okay, good.

Let’s get down to business now.

I read Adulthood Is a Myth recently. I’ve been following her comics only lately. She says they are semi-autobiographical, but I’m pretty sure she’s been following me around and drawing stuff about me.

Every millennial out there should read this book. If you’ve ever muttered “Adulting is so effing difficult” under your breath, you should read this book. If you are done with special snowflakes, READ THIS BOOK, DAMMIT.

Every one of her comics is very relatable. I showed some of them to a few friends and the responses ranged from “Ermahgerd. That’s SO me!” to “ASDFASDFASDF, where can I buy this book?”.

If you still aren’t convinced, I’m going to add a select few comics of hers that I enjoyed. These are not just from this book, I stole most of them from her Facebook page and by Googling her comics. No copyright infringement was intended.

1. Large important task – RIP.


2. When you’re a procrastinator but your brain fears failure.


3. When you find the vegan.


4. People are the worst. Ugh.


5. Accurate af.


Rating: 5 out of 5!

Why are you still here? Go buy the book and thank me later!

~ Shruti


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