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T5W: Favorite villains

Yo, nerds!

After a long T5W hiatus because yours truly doesn’t keep track of the days of the week, I’m back with a post.

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme that was created  by Lainey of gingerreadslainey and is currently hosted by Sam of ThoughtsOnTomes. Head over to this Goodreads group if you want to join in on the fun!

Today’s topic is favorite villains. Being a self-professed lover of all things dark and evil, I had to come out of my lair and do this topic. Since Sam is done with Potterheads hijacking every T5W post, we’ve been asked to refrain from mentioning characters from the Potterverse. Because our favorites Umbridge and Voldy won’t be taking up space here, I’m going to mention characters from both books and TV shows.

1. Jadis the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia


While reading the books, I hated The White Witch as much as I loved Aslan. In the movies, Jadis was played brilliantly by Tilda Swinton. This particular villain will always be right up there with the Potter villains for me.

2. President Snow from The Hunger Games trilogy


Roses. Poisoned his enemies. Creepy af. He da real MVP in the villains list.

3. Jeanine Matthews from Divergent and Insurgent


Ugh, this sociopath. Need I say more?

And now, for the creepiest 2 men to grace our TVs.

4. Theodore Bagwell a.k.a. T-Bag from Prison Break


Cruel, cunning, and overwhelmingly creepy – this guy sure has to be one of the best TV villains of his time.

5. Benjamin Linus from Lost


Ben Linus is at the top of every villains list to ever exist, thank you very much. The show might have ended with him becoming a better person, but the sheer villainy in the first few seasons from this pint-sized talent should never be forgotten. Such a seemingly average guy indulging in a whole lot of scheming and mass murder- this is a villain all other villains should be afraid of!

So, these are my favorite villains. What are yours? Let me know in the comments! Also, leave a link to your T5W post if you wrote one. I’ll stop by and check it out! 🙂

~ Shruti

9 thoughts on “T5W: Favorite villains

    1. T-Bag’s the best! I’m not really that interested in the reboot actually. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s back we’re supposed to suspend our disbelief and watch Scofield alive on the screen? But I’m also watching the series again (on season 2 now) so I’ll probably binge watch the reboot too.😁

      Btw, why am I not able to find your blog? WordPress says it doesn’t exist anymore.😅


      1. Oh it was a small thing that automatically kicked me out. But WordPress said it was no big deal. I’m back now; it was very weird.
        Yeah I don’t think I’ll watch the reboot. I’m surprised they’re doing one since it was cancelled when it was originally on and they tried to rush the ending

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