Chai break

Chai break: How do you work on your blog posts?

Chai break is a periodic feature on This is Lit to discuss concerns that every book blogger has. This is meant to be a lighthearted discussion that you’d have over tea and the only reason for it not being called Discussion Post is that the site’s author thinks that would be too mainstream. Pfft.

Welcome, nerds!

Today, I want to know how you work on your blog posts. Do you plan them out thoroughly, lay out steps, and stick to them? Or, do you just open the Write tab of WordPress and vomit out whatever you can think of?

I’m smack dab in the middle of the second category. I’ve never planned any post that ended up on this blog. I never even planned on having this blog in the first place, but more on that later. I don’t want to hijack this post with that story.

Since I review books, there’s an unspoken “schedule” when it comes to posting my reviews–I rush to my laptop right after I complete a book. I pour out a vomit draft, I spend a lot of time editing it, and post! The other posts are completely impulsive, too. Since most of them are funny listicles, I just write what I find funny. I swear no one laughs at my jokes as much as I do.

My posts usually take 45 minutes. The only post that I’ve spent a lot of time on was 5 totally real books you should add to your April TBR. I woke up on April Fools’, realized it was April Fools’, and decided to prank you guys with the fake books. Designing the covers took some time and the post was ready by the evening.

The first category is what I see so many of my blogging friends talk about. People sometimes put up their schedule as an individual post. Book reviews on Mondays and Thursdays, T5W on Wednesdays, Discussion posts on Fridays…YOU ANIMALS, WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!

If you belong in the first category, tell me how you manage it. Tell me how you made the schedule and what makes you stick to it. If you belong in the second, come let’s discuss why we’re so impulsive and crappy.

Let the discussion begin!

First person to comment gets a virtual appreciative nod from me. 😛

~ Shruti

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33 thoughts on “Chai break: How do you work on your blog posts?

  1. I actually have a blog planner where I plan out my posts and write down ideas for discussions. I also post my plan for the week on my blog so my readers know what to expect. I like having my blog organized and consistent.

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    1. Teach me your ways, master! :O

      It’s so great that you do that. I had you in mind when I was writing about the more organised people of the blogging community!😁 I tried being organised but it just wasn’t for me. Whatever works for each of us, I guess.😊


  2. I definitely stick to a posting schedule– TTTs on Tuesdays, book reviews on Thursdays, discussions/tags on Sundays– but the only reason I’m able to stick to it is that I basically schedule all of my posts ahead of time. I don’t have much time to blog during the semester, so I usually write most of my posts over winter and summer breaks. It’s A LOT of blogging to squeeze into such a short amount of time, but I love doing it and it’s worth it in the long run! 🙂

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  3. Hey, thanks for following me! I don’t think I really have a plan for my posts, but I do get something up every day if I can! I do weekly book memes, Like Top Ten Tuesday and TBR Declutters etc but then posts around that, that are purely my own content, like book reviews and tags and other things, that’s all completely random 😀

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    1. Every day? That’s amazing! I used to blog everyday when I first started blogging, but that was because it was during this huge break after college. Where does you motivation come from every day?! Also, keep doing it because it’s AWESOME!😀

      It’s great that you have your semi-schedule. Not too random, not too predictable!😊😊

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      1. Honestly I schedule most my posts at the weekend for the week so I don’t have to do too much during the weekdays as I work 9-5 so it would be hard to! I often schedule stuff in the evenings too, but sometimes I’m too lazy after work so I do most of my blog stuff at the weekend 😊

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  4. Both shruti! I plan my Standalone Sunday as it’s a easy one to plan. I also schedule review with the releases if I got an ARC at the publisher’s request. And I “pour my heart out” for other reviews and what I named “opinion pieces” (under the categories Being a blogger, Being a reader, Being a reviewer) or what you name listicle. So I’m an hybrid LOL

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  6. I work on a post when I am inspired; sometimes it’s at 3 AM. Then I polish it over the following days, and when I think it’s presentable, I copy and paste to the WordPress site. I’m always afraid that if I start something on the site directly I’ll accidentally push “publish” in the middle of a draft and embarrass myself.

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    1. Can I just say it’s amazing to learn about the writing process of fellow bloggers?❤️ We’re all so different, but whatever works for an individual, I guess.😊

      I’m sure your “middle of a draft” is just as awesome as the end result.😊


  7. I can’t stick to anything even when I try. I sometimes plan out what I’m going to review the whole week and work on it as a I go which has not worked for me in the past. Mostly I just sit down and write some key points about the book I want to write about and the write. I write ridiculously long reviews though so this takes some time. I don’t edit as much as I should.

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    1. Oh that’s awesome! Planned posts never worked much for me, either. I make lists and stick to schedules as much as possible for all other things in life except blogging. 😂🙈

      Also, long reviews are good when you want to know exactly what the reviewer felt about the book. I love the ones where every character is analysed and the reviewer goes into all the minute details.😊


  8. I don’t think I could ever have a schedule. Sometimes when I get an idea for a blog post I cannot wait until a scheduled day to post! Especially if it’s a good book, I might lose the ideas. And if I’m going to write the whole thing out I might as well post it. 🙈

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    1. ME ME ME!

      …that was my incoherent response when I read your comment. Because that’s exactly what I do. When I finish a book, my eyes may be so tired and leaden, but damn it, I won’t rest until the review goes out the same day. I don’t think I’ve ever planned a post and then waited till another day. If I think it, I write and post it.😁

      So, yeah. We’re actually awesome.😂💁🏻


      1. I think the best reviews are right after you’ve finished the book. I believe that is the best and one of the only ways to get a
        non-bias opinion. 🙂 If I don’t review something immediately I’ll look at what someone else has wrote and then my opinion might change. lol But you could write an outline as a way to step towards being more scheduled.

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  9. A bit too soon for this I know, but what the hell. As of now I’m in the second category. My posts as of now are quite unplanned and hence unscheduled. But I might get a bit more organised in future (need to work on that schedule too). I do however maintain a note on my phone which contains ideas for future posts.

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    1. Oh, I’m very unplanned and unorganised! I usually just wing it. The only organised part of my blogging is the note on my phone. It’s good that you’re planning on becoming more organised though. It’s always good to be regular.😊

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