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Jellyfish by Lev D. Lewis

I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

You know how most mystery and crime novels always have a set story line? While reading, you can guess exactly what will happen next. Jellyfish doesn’t follow this route. It’s definitely unique and is a good read.

Goodreads synopsis:

32944670When Frank Bale was a lawyer, he wore Savile Row suits. Now he has holes in his trousers and serves papers for other, successful, lawyers. Life is bleak but he is kept going by a Philip Marlowe obsession and a longing to prove himself. When a student winds up dead, he gets the chance to investigate a real crime, relying on advice found in an old ‘Tradecraft Manual’ and the sayings of his nan. But neither the manual nor his nan nor Marlowe prepare him for handling the slimiest of London’s underbelly, jellyfish, who hit back first with fists, then with golf clubs and finally with guns. Can Frank stay alive long enough to find the killer – and get the girl?


Frank Bale is an ex-solicitor who got fired because of unprofessional behavior. He is now a private investigator and process server. While serving papers to a lady, he is asked to use his PI skills to tail and photograph someone. Obviously things go awry, a crime happens, and he just can’t walk away from it–he needs to solve the crime.

The book has a very simple story-line, with not many twists. Each character in the book is unique and has their own voice. Frank Bale is the best of the lot, with his wit and dry humor. I absolutely adored all his witticisms in the book. Also, he’s obsessed with Marlowe, but he’s not really that great a PI (sorry, Frank!). He gets beat up a lot, doesn’t really think things through, and refers to all women as “love”. The last part is something that annoyed me. I hate it when people say “love”, “princess”, or anything along those lines, ugh. But, overall, Frank Bale is a really interesting main character.

The writing and the world-building in this book is fantastic. The author shows us, rather than telling us about what’s in a scene. While the story may be simple, it’s built upon beautifully and leads to a neat finish. Jellyfish is an interesting novel and the most memorable part of the book with be the main character’s wit.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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~ Shruti

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