Chai break

Chai break: How do you comment on blog posts?

Chai break is a periodic feature on This is Lit to discuss concerns that every book blogger has. This is meant to be a lighthearted discussion that you’d have over tea and the only reason for it not being called Discussion Post is that the site’s author thinks that would be too mainstream. Pfft.

Pour the coffee and break out the biscuits, for today we’re discussing comments!

The first advice you hear when you start blogging is about commenting. Comment on other bloggers’ posts! Give out appreciation and encouragement! Be nice!

There are 5 kinds of commenters I’ve noticed in the blogosphere:

1. Short and sweet Sue

Her comments are usually 1 or 2 lines long. The length doesn’t limit the sweetness, though. Bloggers usually stick to these kind of comments.

2. Generic Greg

His comments are way to generic. You never know if Gregory even read your post in the first place. “Great review” is not a great comment, boi.


3. Worn caps lock Wendy

SO MUCH UPPERCASE! Wendy’s caps lock key is exhausted from all the times she screams in the comments. But, you know what? These are the best kinds of comments. They get you excited to write more. Knowing that you have followers who actually like your posts enough to scream about it in the comments section is all the encouragement you need.


4. Pingback Princess

You’ve never interacted with this person, but they tag you in memes and nominate you for awards. This ends up opening the door to interacting with them. I’ve met some wonderful people in the book blogging community this way.

5. Spamming Sam

While Askimet blocks the actual spam, there are some other bloggers who spam your comments with unrelated gibberish. I had an experience with a Spamming Sam recently, where I repeatedly received comments on several posts, saying “follow me”. Don’t be Sam.



No matter which type you are, always comment! Artists need as much encouragement as they can get. Commenting is also a great way to make friends in the blogosphere.

Let the discussion begin!

In the comments of this post, we’re going to discuss this. What type of commenter are you? (Spamming Sam, you don’t have to remind me.) Do you do the short and sweet comment? Or do you go all out and leave a gold mine of positivity in the comments section? Let me know in the comments!


~ Shruti

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58 thoughts on “Chai break: How do you comment on blog posts?

  1. Short and Sweet Sue or Generic Greg ;-). It’s not that I don’t read the reviews, but just like in ordinary life I often just don’t know what to say :-). I find it even strange that I’m a book blogger and I find words that give me a full review. Most books just sound so good and make me want to read it too.

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    1. Well, I can say from experience that you add at least a word or few more to “great review”. 😀 I love your comments anyway!

      Also, being amazed that you can write a full review? SAME! It’s been more than a year since I started this blog and I’m still constantly amazed. 🙂

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  2. It all depends on the situation. If I’m short on personal time my comments are short and generic. It also depends on how much I have to offer in the way of a comment. If I have personal experience or question I write more. If I’m interested/impressed but don’t know what to say it’s more generic. 🙂

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  3. Hello. My comments vary in length. Depends, I guess, on the mood I’m in. And on the nature of the relationship I have with the blogger on whose site I’m commenting. And on whether or not I have anything meaty to say!
    Take care —

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      1. Exactly. And chances are I won’t be following a blog if they leave a spam comment. Definitely not. And it’s insulting! Hope the creeping wasn’t too creepy though.

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  4. Ooo this is so accurate! I guess I’m probably a mix of Wendy and Sue though sometimes if I can’t find anything to say, I do go to generic comments like “Great review”. CAPITAL LETTER COMMENTS ARE SO GREAT THOUGH, I get hyped and excited whenever I read one 😀 .

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  5. Most of the time I leave short, sweet and to the point comments, if I have more to say then I don’t have a problem leaving a longer comment. I like leaving comments on discussion posts that can continue the discussion. Spam comments are so annoying, and I consider follow for follow comments spam. This is an excellent discussion post, and it really opened my eyes to what type of commenter I am.

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    1. Short and sweet, and then longer where needed. I think that’s a good thing. 🙂 I consider follow for follow spam too. The ones I’ve been receiving recently aren’t even follow for follow. They’re just random replies to OTHERS’ comments saying “follow me”. Why do people do that?🤦🏼‍♀️

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    1. Haha, I’m a Lurking Larry sometimes too! It happens when I don’t feel very social. I just like the post and leave it at that.😁

      I’m waiting for the “shame” nun from Game of Thrones to show up now.😂


  6. Going to ask a newbie question. What’s a meme. And what are implied blogging rules. Shruti, yours is the first blog I read when I started blogging.. Also sometimes I am wary of leaving a comment. I read a poem with a lot of difficult words so I asked the poet the reason for that. The poet coolly hinted that I am not his category of follower. Now that causes me to not write any comments unless the writer is friendly.. BTW I did get a lecture of philosophy with so many 8 and 10 letter words that I never understood it. Thank god

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    1. Oh, I’m sorry about the poet incident! The blogging community is usually very welcoming and I don’t think one person speaks for the rest of us. All bloggers are usually sweet (I should know; I’m a lot nicer online than IRL🙈). Don’t become wary because of one incident. 🙂

      And, memes. So, memes are post formats that get passed around from one blog to another. They’re usually really fun to do, especially when you can’t think of anything original to write about for the day. Check out the Top 5 Wednesday group on Goodreads. That one’s a tag where every Wednesday has a different topic you’re supposed to write a list about. Of all recurring memes, T5W is the one I enjoy the most. But there are also one-shot memes that crop up every other day. Those are fun too.

      Someone comes with a new type of meme (or tag, as it is sometimes called) and they “nominate” a bunch of people to do it too. Memes are usually accompanied by rules like “do this and then tag 10 other people”. So, it’s almost a pyramid scheme if you think about it.😂 You get to write stuff that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, and you also get to link a lot of bloggers and spark new conversations!😊 I’ve seen that people usually stop/ slow down doing memes a few months into blogging though. It’s still a great thing to do sporadically.😁

      Do reach out if you have any other question.😊

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      1. Another question shruti what is post formats?? And I have been tagged for 3 different “memes is it?” but on the phone app it’s difficult to do.. Waiting till I buy my laptop.. I am from the dark ages hehehe… Thanks for a great explanation, will trouble you with more questions as I start doing “memes”. I have lived more than 4 decades on this earth.. Have met a lot of people good and bad.. So its fine about the poet.. Will check out goodreads group too. Thanks a lot

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        1. Ohh, my bad. When I said “post formats”, I meant the way a post should go. I was once tagged to do the “This or That Book Tag”, where there were a set number of questions about reading preferences. Everyone who does that post should answer those set questions. That’s what I mistakenly called post format.😁

          You should check out this link: The author explains what a meme is really well.😊

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  7. Great discussion post! I think I am more of a short and sweet Sue. However, there are times when I come across posts that I have a lot to say about. I also do longer comments on books that I have also read. Short and sweet works best when I don’t even know what to say especially in commenting about books that I don’t read like fantasy. I agree with you though, comments are definitely important but spammers are terrible humans.

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  8. I’m definitely short and sweet 😃 That is when I do comment. I usually leave a comment only when I have something to say that is not a generic Greg response.

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    1. I think all of us started out as Generic Gregs. I think that’s why I’m still a little forgiving when I see comments like those–that’s how I started out. Now, I leave short comments or screaming ones to show my approval and love for the blogger.😁😂

      Thanks for stopping by!😊


    1. I’m not quite familiar with those comments. Probably because if someone left a huge comment praising me, I’d shamelessly take it and then start peacocking?😂

      But, you’re right. When the comment is full of praises, I have no idea what to say other than “thank you”.😊


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