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5 ways to get out of your blogging slump.

Hiya, nerds!

This week, we’re going to talk about one word that’ll freak out any blogger–slump. It’s when you feel uninspired and can’t come up with proper content. I’ve gone through slumps where I’d dully stare at a blank page and think that the blinking cursor was taunting me.

My biggest struggle with slumps is recognizing and accepting them. I’ve been known to pull a Peralta–of Brooklyn 99 fame–and declare:

I don’t slump, people. I opposite slump – I pmuls. That’s slump backwards, and that’s what I do. I pmuls all over this bitch.


Everyone goes through a burnout and all you need is some positive motivation to snap out of it. Here are 5 methods I’ve used before to get out of my pmuls:

1. Take a look at some of your older posts.


Check out some of your older posts that did well for themselves. I’m usually inspired when I read all the supportive comments on one of my better posts. My best posts are humorous/satirical lists and a simple “haha, this made me laugh” comment makes me want to write one more list.

The comments remind you of why you started blogging in the first place and help you understand your audience better.

2. Check out other blogs.


There’s nothing like looking at other blogs to get your creative juices flowing. Your fellow book bloggers might have amazing content out there that will inspire you to get back into blogging.

3. Participate in a tag/meme.


I shit you not, participating in a tag can sometimes inspire you. Let me back this up with an example:

I’m primarily a book blogger, but I once did a Top 5 Wednesday post on T5W: Current Favorites that Aren’t Books. I was going through a huge slump then, but this post did really well for itself. I identified that my followers liked the same TV shows I did, and I started writing about TV shows, too. A meme or tag can help you identify more about your target audience!

4. Change the theme of your blog.


You know how they say cleaning up your apartment/work space can make you work better? You may want to follow the same idea with your blog’s theme. I’ve gone through 4 different themes before settling for Button. Find a theme that goes with your content. It’ll be a refreshing change and will inspire you to write a new post just to see how it looks.

5. Write about your slump.


Your biggest problem is coming up with something to write about, yeah? Write about your slump instead. You’ll find a support system in fellow bloggers who’ve gone through slumps and you would have also broken the blogging dry spell.

Need more proof? What do you think I’m doing now? πŸ˜€ I’ve been going through a mini-slump and I wrote about it in my favorite content style: a list!

Now go out there and pmuls all over this bitch!


Have you gone through a slump before? Do you have any more tips to add? Let me know in the comments!

~ Shruti

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26 thoughts on “5 ways to get out of your blogging slump.

  1. As relatable as ever, Shruti! A blogging slump has been the primary reason behind my absence from the blogosphere. *yeah and school haha* But the thing is, I’m so damn lazy right now that I can’t even manage to draft a blog post(or resurrect the countless posts I’ve drafted and trashed) SHIZ GETTING REAL WEIRD. I’m going to wait for a few more days till I get my creative juices flowing 😁

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  2. Oh, I can SOO relate and sympathise with a blogger who has had a slump – they’re pretty much a blogger’s worst nightmare. It really does seem that the cursor’s taunting you, at times. But seriously, that was some pretty neat advice. Great post, as usual! ; )

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