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Chai break: How many social media accounts does a blogger need?

Chai break is a periodic feature on This is Lit to discuss concerns that every book blogger has. This is meant to be a lighthearted discussion that you’d have over tea and the only reason for it not being called Discussion Post is that the site’s author thinks that would be too mainstream. Pfft.

Yo, nerds!


Internet gurus are always telling us lesser mortals how *random social media account* is a must-have if you want to boost your blog’s stats. A few months back, I joined Twitter for this same reason. And now, I have a Facebook page. Check it out here.


When I first started blogging, I was always checking out the WP Reader if I wasn’t writing. I was very social and always checked out my favorite bloggers’ posts. And now? Well, I’ve stopped. I’m always DAYS late in checking out the trending posts. A few days back, I noticed that most of my internet interaction is with people who comment on my blog and not the other way around.

There is one other means by which I keep track of bloggers’ posts: Twitter. While I don’t check my WP Reader anymore, I do waste most of my life on both Twitter and Facebook. Isn’t that the first rule of marketing? Go where your users hang out! Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Oh and did I tell you I work in Marketing?


Pros of having different accounts:
  1. You get to have a strong internet presence.
  2. Your stats will be higher.
  3. You get more visitors.
  4. Your blogging circle becomes wider.

Where does this stop? How many more social media do I need to act like a nice, human person on?


Let’s discuss!

How many accounts do you think a blogger needs? Which platform do you think is the largest traffic driver? Does this constant must-have social media accounts narrative get on your nerves? Let me know in the comments!

~ Shruti

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39 thoughts on “Chai break: How many social media accounts does a blogger need?

  1. Ah, Shruti. I think I detest FB to a point that I’ll never create an FB account. Out of all the social media, I feel like Instagram is a very creative outlet, but still, I don’t have an Instagram account(I might create one in the future). But dude, Pinterest is like my bae. I ADORE IT SO DAMN MUCH. Yet, the majority of the crowd uses Twitter and FB to promote their blogs. I’m such an old soul lol 😂

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    1. Haha! But Instagram and Pinterest seem to be more for the creative types and let me tell you one thing—I’m definitely not creative. I take god awful pictures and even the easiest DIYs end up with a lot of blood, tears, and cuss words that would make a sailor blush. 💁🏻😂

      I prefer Facebook and Twitter because it’s easier to keep track of all of zem memes. 😂

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      1. oh well I am not good at all with the pictures taking thing but I created an Instagram account and I’m still trying to post but I don’t know what to post on there and how to keep up with a theme. I’m like stuck.
        On the other hand, I love Pinterest and I’ve found lately that joining to Group Boards is increasing (I am talking about a very very very small number ) the numbers of views.
        And I’m not even writing about Bloglovin.. I have like 7 followers on there.
        I haven’t tried Facebook yet but I’m thinking about it because I’m reading some good reviews.
        After all Twitter Is always my favorite platform!! I hope I made my point clear and not confusing! xx -M

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        1. I’m not sure about Pinterest, but Bloglovin just got tiring after a certain point. And by “a certain point”, I mean a grand total of 2 days after I created an account there. I gave up and deleted it so soon. xD

          The only reason for why I’ve created a Facebook page right now is that I’ve liked others’ pages and it helps me keep track of their posts easily. I want to give a similar experience to my readers. 😊

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  2. Social media accounts haven’t actually helped me at all in gaining more traffic and followers. I have a facebook page, twitter, and bookstagram. I’m just not the kind of person that likes to push my posts all the time. Like, I use Twitter more to interact. I’ve found some bloggers that push tweets and never reply to any of their followers.

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    1. Twitter is kinda working for me right now only because I interact with people too. I don’t just share links to my posts and leave it at that. I think the key to being successful on different social media platforms is to not just push your own posts, but appreciate others’ works and being a little general too. I’m not sure about traffic, but I’ve surely made a lot of friends on twitter this way. 😊

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  3. I have Instagram and Twitter both to help promote my blog and to help connect with other book lovers. I don’t know how much it actually helps, but I do know that interacting on WP has helped me a lot. I love reading other blogs and commenting and just chatting overall. I’ve noticed that my Twitter doesn’t really bring people to my blog but it helps me find a lot of other blogs and helps me connect with them. My instagram also doesn’t bring in too many people, but it’s a way to promote my blog and just interact with amazing people

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    1. Oh, same! I’ve found that I’ve discovered more blogs through Twitter than getting mine discovered. But it’s the only way I’m staying connected these days. While I do look through my Reader, I give up after 4 or 5 posts. Whereas on twitter, I’ll definitely open every link that gets shared. I believe these social media platforms help us stay connected more than bringing in more traffic.

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    2. I can partially relate to you. I feel like my insta and it doesn’t bring much people (just some whenever I post something new) at all! I don’t even know what to post over there. But I also feel like being active here on WordPress doesn’t bring any results! I do not gain many readers. Twitter is a savior! I helps me to interact with other bloggers and to promote my blog as well. xx

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  4. I’m a Twitter gal, I will share a post to Google+ and facebook just to keep a presence, but I don’t do anything else on those sites.
    I focus on Twitter the rest of the day. But which ever platform you choose the idea is that you must ‘be social’ otherwise it just doesn’t work.

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  5. OK I’m on FB, Twitter, IG and Pinterest. I don’t really like Twitter as it’s too limited to comment. I’m chatty and love giving nuances so try to do it in 120 characters! I’m not very active on Pinterest. That leaves me FB and IG. FB is for promoting essentially. People on FB expect new releases, teasers, trailer and giveaways. Not really discussions or you have to create a closed group. I loooove Instagram as I am a creative person LOL. Bookstagrams are Artgasm for me. I try to improve my pictures all the time.
    What’s worked better so far is facebook. As I’m a self hosted blog I don’t enjoy the Discover of the WP reader so it limits my range of possibilities.

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    1. I don’t think the absence of Discover or Reader will limit your possibilities that much. Not getting enough visits from there is one of the main reasons bloggers turn to other platforms. And Facebook is working out well for you? This gives me hope. 😁 I’m gonna check out your page now. xD


  6. I find that Facebook is kind of meh, because… Well, it will be more or less dead there. *insert cricket sound*
    I work with Facebook profesionally, so I know that pages are really not alive unless they have paid distribution. For that reason I like Twitter better. It’s much livelier and more fun there. It’s much more personal as well. I guess I never was very active on the WP reader? Mostly because I’m self-hosted. It’s always been Twitter for me – I started up my blog’s Twitter before I even had a blog, really 🙂 I was just planning to have it.
    You work in Marketing too??? So do I!
    It’s hard to catch up with tons and tons of social media accounts, and it takes time to “tame” a certain social network… but that said, despite terrible lack of time, I must also recommend Litsy. It falls way back after Goodreads and Twitter, but it’s a fun little social network, and they have their entire culture there! It really is exciting. I surface every two months xD unfortunately. But it is fun. It’s not very demanding. One of these days I’ll write a post about Litsy 😀

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    1. You’re on Litsy?! I used to be on it but I deleted the app a few days back. I wasn’t being very active on it and I wanted to clean up my phone. 🙈

      And I get what you mean about Facebook. It doesn’t get as much traction as twitter. But it has always helped me find posts which I would otherwise have missed (including yours!), so I just created the page. Let’s see how it works out. 😁


      1. Yeah, I’m also not very active there… it’s more like a “get your head out of the water for a day and then dive back for a month or two” 😀 I’m glad Facebook works for you! The deal with Facebook though is that it’s meant for pages that will pay for their reach (so mainly businesses), which is why smaller pages have a harder time of reaching anyone… a harder time than twitter etc 🙂 so I only halfheartedly post there xD

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        1. Oh I’m not saying Facebook is working for me. It just helps me keep track of blogs whose pages I’ve already liked. It remains to be seen if the page will help out. But from what I know about Facebook pages, I’m pretty sure it won’t. 🙈😂


  7. I had a Twitter account for 2-3 years but I never used it. Then I created my blog and started using it for the same reason as yours. It is really tiring to maintain all these accounts. Though I am mostly active in Instagram. I just share my links of nee posts on FB and Twitter. I don’t think that I can concentrate on more than 1 social media at a time. I mean how can I get so much extra time when I am hardly managing the time to read? Right?

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    1. Yes! Thank you for saying this! I’ve had the same thought too many times. But it’s usually followed by, “um, more accounts = more spaces to interact with other bloggers”. And the other accounts also help me keep track of others’ posts which I would otherwise have missed. I guess having multiple accounts is both good and a wee bit tiring.

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  8. I’m sadly saying this that I’ve done nothing on social media to boost my stats whatsoever. 🙁
    I admit that I’m pretty much a caveman when it comes to social media. The only place I share posts is on Facebook (not my own account). Maybe I should get a bit more active . . . ☺

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    1. I’ve found that sharing links to my personal account gets more traffic (probably my mom, sister, and distant relative 😂). But these are not my key audience. That’s why I created a Twitter account. And now a Facebook page. Let’s see how it goes. 😁

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  9. So I’m a lazy muffin and I haven’t really created Blog Specific Social Media Accounts. I mostly just use the ones I already had? So I auto-post on Twitter and follow bookish people there, then I sometimes Bookstagram on my regular Instagram account, then I let the blog cross-post to my Tumblr because otherwise, I’m not using it! As for Facebook? #No. But then again my Facebook is a wasteland of people reposting other reposts and taking pictures of their kids and I just don’t hang there like I did 10 years ago, soooooo my blog and IRL worlds haven’t really collided.

    That said, I only have 322 (ish?) followers, and I’m pretty sure that includes Twitter, so I’m not exactly ruling the world with my followers. XD

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    1. 322 is a good number! And it’s not like this whole thing is for getting followers. It gives you more opportunity to interact with people. I’ve discovered some truly amazing blogs through Twitter. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have noticed them by just lurking around the WP Reader. My only problem with this whole get-an-account-for-your-blog thing is that it’s very tiring. Can’t I just be nice on my blog and get it over with? 😈😂

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  10. Visited your FB page😊 You know, that IS a neat way to boost stats (and for your readers to know about new posts)!
    I really didn’t know HOW to make a page for a blog/website (social media caveman like I said), but I think I’ll try to make one😀

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  11. This is my question. Literally.

    As an introvert the worst part about blogging is social networking, let alone on different sites! FB will never wirk for me and I tried and failed at Instagram. Twitter is the absolute best and easiest and I’ve been trying my hand at Pinterest since I hear it’s a huge source if traffic. Oh and Twitter is where I found you!

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    1. I’ve kind of become good at Twitter in recent weeks. Facebook just doesn’t work. All my post get two likes—one from my sister and another from a cousin. That’s all! Twitter is the best for bloggers, I think. xD

      And yay for Twitter for helping us connect! 😊

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