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Drip: A Gothic Bromance by Andrew Montlack

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

Drip is Andrew Montlack’s debut novel that’s horror and humor wrapped in one story. This book grimly mocks corporate culture and is an interesting read.

Goodreads synopsis:

34889320“A hand wearing a fancy watch parted the office blinds, and J.D. felt nauseous with despair: suddenly he knew—even though he could not explain how—that all of his mojo had been permanently taken away.”

J.D. and George: thick as thieves since the fourth grade. J.D., the troublemaker, the stud: the alpha. George, the sidekick, the misfit: the loser. Upon graduating college, J.D. has convinced the only job creator in rusty Middlestop to hire them. BrewCorp, the hot new coffee and retail chain, is offering a vice presidency to the employee with the boldest plan for growth, and J.D. is determined to be the guy. When not sleeping with co-workers, he hatches his pitch for a one-of-a kind data pipeline. He is unbeatable–until George grabs the promotion. Now J.D. wants answers. His quest to find them—and to deal with the monstrous truth—is the subject of indie filmmaker Andrew Montlack’s wry debut novel, which features the same biting satire that made his mockumentary, The Devil’s Filmmaker, a cult classic.


Drip: A Gothic Bromance is the story of two guys, J. D. and George. From the synopsis, it is evident that J.D. is the guy that gets everything and George is the unlucky misfit to whom nothing good ever happens. I really did not enjoy the first few chapters of this book because they were used to prove these characteristics. I thought Montlack was going to follow the well-trodden sidekick-wins-in-the-end formula. Surprisingly, he doesn’t. The main character turns out to be someone I didn’t expect, and while it seemed a little unbelievable initially, he grew on me.

The characters in this satirical novel have been fleshed out brilliantly and show excellent development. Montlack has found the balance between horror and humor, making the plot just right for the reader. The writing in this book will definitely be welcome to fans of biting satire and cynicism. The plot is strange, original, and interesting–Montlack has given a whole new meaning to parasitic capitalists in this book. 😉

I felt the story was a lot longer than necessary. Towards the end, I just wanted the book to end but it kept dragging on. While the plot is extremely intriguing, the long-drawn story can tire you.

Drip is a bitingly satirical novel about parasitic capitalists that is for readers who like their horror stories with a little cynicism and sardonicism.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


What did you think of my review? Will you read this book? Let me know in the comments!

~ Shruti

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9 thoughts on “Drip: A Gothic Bromance by Andrew Montlack

  1. Nah…I wouldn’t read the book though 🤔it’s just not my spec…I would probably read it for a month if forced to😅 but it might be someone’s favorite.Thats just the irony of life.
    Great review though

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