Billy Shakes with live music at Atlanta’s Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

One of Atlanta’s must-visit attractions is The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse, a tavern-style theater where amazing actors put on Shakespeare performances. Since it’s the holidays, they’re putting on A Christmas Carol.

My sister and I went to yesterday’s performance of A Christmas Carol. We had purchased three tickets online instead of two because the site wouldn’t let us buy just two. When we mentioned this to the person behind the box office counter, he was kind enough to cancel the third ticket and let us use it for food instead. Where else do you get this amazing service?


They have British pub food here, available cafeteria style. I’m vegetarian and didn’t particularly care for the food although they had quite a few vegetarian and vegan options. Dessert–I had the cream cheese chocolate chip brownie–was amazing, though.

There’s no assigned seating, just two sections–main section and balcony. You can choose seats in the section you’ve booked tickets in on a first-come, first-served basis.

The tavern

The picture below was our view from the seats we chose in the balcony.


There are 8 ensemble players in addition to Drew Reeves’ (pictured below) Ebeneezer Scrooge. This play is deemed the “storyteller’s version”, with each of the 8 ensemble cast also narrating the story. Over the course of the play, some of them break into scenes while the others continue narrating.


What I really liked about the play was how much they’ve stuck to Dickens’ original prose but have also sneaked a little humor into the play. Who said the spirit of Christmas shouldn’t be accompanied by a few laughs?

The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse has vibrant live music, wonderful actors, and a warm staff. It’s a must-visit place for any theatre/book nerd and fans of our boy Billy Shakes.

As for me? I’m absolutely dejected that I’m only here on vacation. If I lived in Atlanta, I’d make this a monthly thing!


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