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The 5 stages of dealing with all your unread books and ARCs.

There comes a moment in every book blogger’s life where they turn around, look at all the review copies they haven’t got around to reading yet, and wonder what the hell were they thinking. Here are the 5 stages of dealing with your ever-increasing TBR pile.

Stage 1: Denial


This is where you go numb. You’d like to simply forget all the books you need to read and review soon. You go about your day, in denial about your huge unread ARCs list. This is your coping mechanism, because you’d rather pretend that your huge TBR, much like your resolve, doesn’t exist.

Stage 2: Anger


You come out of denial and are angry instead. Angry at yourself for accepting every review request that comes your way. Angry at NetGalley for having so many great books to request. Angry at publishers and authors for putting out so many brilliant books each year.

Stage 3: Bargaining


A lot of praying goes into this stage. You make mental promises to “never go on requesting sprees on NetGalley or Edelweiss ever again if you received more time to finish these books”. HA. Like you’ll follow that. Submit to your overlords, peasant.

Stage 4: Depression


This is the stage most bloggers you see are in. You’re in grief because you cannot resist buying more books and accepting all those review requests. You’ll be more prone to randomly crying about your TBR pile in this stage. Don’t do that, Carol. No one wants to hear your whining.

Stage 5: Acceptance


You come to accept the fact that this is your reality now. You have zero self-control and your TBR pile will only ever be increasing. That slouch? It’s the metaphorical weight of all your unread books on your shoulders.

Now go request more books on NetGalley, loser. This is your life now.


~ Shruti

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54 thoughts on “The 5 stages of dealing with all your unread books and ARCs.

  1. Yesss, everything always starts with a denial. It was impossible for me to think that I’m going to have a tbr that will only increase with time.I’d thought that I could control it πŸ˜€ Maybe is because of my “self-control” (not that I have something like this when it comes to books) to going to the library and coming back with 5 books to read. The ones I have bought are patiently waiting on the shelf. So I’ve come to terms with my tbr pile.
    Great and interesting post! πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha, yeah I was in denial for a very long time. Yesterday, when I finally thought I was done with all my ARCs and could go back to reading backlist books, I found out 2 amazing authors wanted me to read their next books too. So I’m pushing back backlist reading even more. This is my life now. This is acceptance. πŸ˜‚


  2. This is so true to life it hurts lol. I was used to not getting approved for things on NetGalley since I had a newish account and an okay % so I put in a bunch of requests figuring I wouldn’t get them. The feels when I got all of them and my % was destroyed rip. I was good about not requesting more for a few months but I was weak and picked up a few read nows this month because I clearly don’t ever want to catch up on my TBR.

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      1. What kind of ereader were you using? I stopped using ereaders for a while when I had a Kindle Fire since it was the same as a phone screen and it hurt my eyes also. Since getting a Kindle Oasis (upgrade to the Paperwhite) it’s been easier on my eyes since it’s lit differently.

        I didn’t even know there was a difference between eink screens and tablets like the Fire but I’m glad I decided to try it out (thanks to people on the books reddit haha). I can’t resist ebooks, between NG and super cheap sales I end up getting so many. u_u

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  3. hahaha I love humoristic posts like this !
    Thanksfully, I don’t have that much arc to read (only 2..) but that tbr ? yeeeah it will grow longer, I accept it .. bought two more books just last week πŸ˜‚ oooops ..

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    1. Haha, my TBR is also growing larger by the day! Thankfully, I’m almost caught up on my ARCs. Just 2 more in the mail and I won’t be accepting any more till March. 😁 Let’s hope we learn some self-control and stop buying more books (HA, who am I kidding?) Happy reading! 😊

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  4. I have to say I can relate to this 100% I actually don’t request books anymore, but I find it so hard when authors or publishers contact me to give me a review copy and I know it’s one I want to read DD:

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  5. I have never identified with anything more. In my entire life. I only get arcs from NetGalley at the moment but they’re seriously piling up at the moment. I decided to request a collection of essays, forgetting that I’m really really slow at reading anything that is remotely intellectual. And yet, I’m still going back for more. But I’ve accepted my fate. I will get around to reading all of these books eventually. I hope…

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    1. Haha, I hear you! I was like this with NetGalley too. It got too hectic at one point and once I was done with all my books, I just stopped. I don’t go on that site anymore. Print copies and backlist books from my TBR are a whole new story, though. My TBR just keeps increasing every day. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

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