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TV show review: La Casa de Papel, a binge-worthy Spanish heist show.

Look, I’m no one to tell you how to live your life, but what are you even doing if you haven’t watched La Casa de Papel yet?


This is a Spanish heist show that Netflix added in December 2017. After Netflix Germany’s amazing sci-fi TV show Dark, I’ve started watching more international shows. La Casa de Papel is one such international find that you can binge-watch in a day or two. It first released in Spain and Netflix obtained the rights recently.

I’ve been trying to learn Spanish through DuoLingo, which is one of the reasons why I decided to watch this show. Also, Netflix’s algorithm gave this show a 98% match for me–it’s no stranger to the fact that I LOVE heist stories. And so I started watching the show.

And, my, what a show it is!

La Casa de Papel is about a mysterious man, El Professor (The Professor), who recruits a band of 8 thieves to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. He gives his team just three rules–no killing, no use of real names (they each pick a famous city as a nickname), and no relationships. They set the plan in motion on a day the Ambassador’s daughter Alison Parker visits the mint as part of a school trip. They capture 67 hostages and start printing money in the mint. Their plan is to print 2400 million Euros in 11 days and escape through a tunnel. Of course, nothing goes according to plan.

From left to right: Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo, Nairobi, The Professor, Moscow, Denver, Rio, and Tokyo.

This show is a lot like Prison Break in that there are a lot of twists and turns. But the twists don’t feel contrived; they’re more natural responses to failed plans. The show does have some usual heist film tropes, especially The Professor’s Batman Gambit, but it’s still highly entertaining and any viewer will be able to get past them.

One of the best aspects of the show is that these 8 people enter the Mint with a foolproof plan that they’ve discussed for months on the end and still manage to screw up. This makes them more human. I went in wondering how a heist could last for 13 episodes, and I left wanting more.

Watch season one’s trailer:

La Casa de Papel season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.


~ Shruti

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19 thoughts on “TV show review: La Casa de Papel, a binge-worthy Spanish heist show.

  1. Oh wow, now ot has made me curious. I am going to check on Netfliz like RiGHT NOW. I loved Prison Break so hopefully I’ll love it too. Thanks for the recommendation. Actually I was thinking a couple days back what I should watch next after I finished The End of F***ing world 😜

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  2. And now I feel bad for not watching shows at all 😀 but there are only so many hours in the day!
    I also studied Spanish once (great fun!) I used to watch Fisica o quimica 😀 it’s like a very cute (and stressful xD) teen show! It’s basically YA in a Spanish high school, in a show. IT’S SO MUCH FUN. Used to be on Youtube as well! But Spain-Spanish. So you learn a lot of… well, local swearwords. WHICH IS PART OF THE FUN.
    Please watch and love the same people I did xDDDDD (I can’t help wondering which ones you’d love!)

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