AuthorsGetLit: 3 ways you can find book bloggers to review your book.

AuthorsGetLit is a new series on This is Lit that will focus on tips for authors and publishers about interacting with bloggers, soliciting book reviews, and more. Check out our first 2 posts!

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So, you’ve written a book and managed to self-publish it. But as an indie author, you need to do a lot of work now. Popularizing your book is in your hands, and the best way to do that is for the book to have an online presence. Book bloggers are a brilliant resource you should make use of to get your book’s name out there.

Here are 3 ways you can find book bloggers to get them to review your book.

1. Book blog directories

Where better can you find bloggers than sites that were specifically built for it? There are a lot of blogger lists out there that are constantly updated and show you basic details about bloggers. Some popular directories are:

  • Book Blogger Listing: A comprehensive list of book blogs, this directory maintained by marketing professional Susan Barton requires all entrants to have active blogs.
  • The Book Review Directory: This directory lists all fiction and non-fiction bloggers with a short bio, subscriber count, preferred genres, and more.
  • The Indie Reviewers List: A particular favorite of indie authors, this site lists reviewers along with their preferred genres, submission guidelines, and platforms where your book will be reviewed.

2. Goodreads groups

Goodreads is a great way to meet bloggers, both through their reviews and groups in the platform. Most groups have threads where authors can solicit book reviews. Some popular groups you should check out are:

3. Twitter

After their own blog, one social media platform bloggers love using is Twitter. Most book bloggers are also active on Twitter. Their bio usually includes the email address where they can be reached. If you like someone’s profile and their blog, go ahead and submit a review request! It’s worked for many authors before.

Once you find the right bloggers, you’ll be all set to reach out to them. Check out our other AuthorsGetLit posts to find out how you should write your first email to bloggers for maximum success.


What did you think of this post? If you’re an author, is there any other means through which you find bloggers? Let me know in the comments!

~ Shruti

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22 thoughts on “AuthorsGetLit: 3 ways you can find book bloggers to review your book.

  1. Very interesting post as usual Shruti! I’m not an author but I would say also contact readers on Goodreads even when they aren’t on these lists. I’m not on any list and yet it happened to me when authors have seen that I’ve reviewed a particular genre.

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