How I wrote an entire novel with this AI-powered book writing software.

Hey, nerds!

You know me. I’m a bookworm, Netflix addict, and a professional procrastinator. I can never do anything on time. Why do it now when you can put it off until tomorrow, right?


I’ve always wanted to write my own book but as a procrastinator, it was a little difficult. I just could not get past writing a few pages. I gave up easy. In my defense, how am I supposed to write the next bestseller when I easily get distracted by Googling unlikely animal friendships?

However, it all changed when I saw an ad for WriteRN. The ad promised that this AI-powered software could write my future bestseller with just a few inputs from me!


You may have noticed that I’ve not been very active on my blog or Twitter this past month. As soon as I saw this ad, I immediately cleared up my calendar. I scheduled numerous guest posts for last month and started using WriteRN.

Here’s what the WriteRN website says about the software:

“Struggling to write your next book? Are plot points eluding you? Worried about how your storyline may offend women, POCs, or the morbidly obese?

Fret not! WriteRN has got your back!

Long gone are the days when authors spent ages trying to write their book. Enter WriteRN, an Artificial Intelligence software, that is easy to use and provides 99.9% satisfaction. It’s the dawn of a new age of machine learning. Subscribe and watch history being made!”

Oh, I subscribed all right.

What surprised me most about WriteRN is how simple it is to use. You just need to download the product and start it. The tool launches immediately, with no bells and whistles. The interface is clean and extremely easy to understand, even for the technologically dumb, like me.

CaptureOnce you begin, the software asks you a lot of questions, beginning with the title of your work. If you’re unsure what the title should be, you can skip this step. The tool suggests several titles once it finishes writing the book. You can choose the title you believe best describes your book.

The questions that follow help the tool learn what you want in your book. It asks you about the setting, genre, point of view, number of chapters you want in the book, and more.


The back-end comprises a high grade neural network, which in English, means that the tool gets a lot of input from you to learn things, and produces an output a.k.a. your book. No, really. Look up machine learning to understand this further.

It took me under a day to write my own novel. Can you believe that? Well, the tool basically wrote it for me, but eh, technicalities! Answer all the questions the tool asks and you’re all set. How cool is that?


My book is now ready, all thanks to WriteRN! The title of my book is Bob Snarly and the Warring Witches. Check out the blurb!

He is pissed. He wants justice.

Bob Snarly and the Warring Witches tells the story of Bob Snarly, a broomstick who decides to sue the Global Confederation of Witches. Ever since he was created, Bob has been watching how witches use his kind (broomsticks) as a means of transportation. Now, he’s decided he’ll no longer bear this abuse. He’s suing witches everywhere, and he’s out for blood.

The witches, who have depended on broomsticks for decades, fight back, but not in court. Strange things happen to Bob as he goes about his normal life. He wakes up one day to find his twigs shaven off. His handle gets cursed by a shrieking witch and gets twised into odd shapes. Every time someone tries to use him to sweep the floor, he feels an electric shock.

To avoid the witches’ wrath, Bob goes into Witness Protection. How long can he remain in hiding before trouble strikes again? Will the witches be successful? Or will Bob win?

Only time will tell…


Bob Snarly and the Warring Witches releases this fall.

Want an ARC of this book? Email me at


Happy April Fool’s day, dummies! The funniest part of this post is anyone believing, even for a split second, that I could write a full book. HAHAHAhelpmeHAHAH

~ Shruti

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39 thoughts on “How I wrote an entire novel with this AI-powered book writing software.

  1. You almost got me there!
    I had begun to imagine this as a Disney plotline for their next animation. Take a bit of Hocus Pocus and Beauty and the Beast and voila, you have the next animated short. I’d watch it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh haha! I usually post in US eastern time. It’s now April 2nd where I am too, but the US folks are still in April 1. xD

      And the broomstick part? I was wondering who’d point it out. Looking back, it’s definitely of the what-was-she-smoking-when-she-wrote-this variety. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my god for a second I could almost SEE my future book . . . I fell for this hard. REAL hard. And I was about to email you for an ARC of that book!
    You are the queen of April fool’s pranks, Shruti. Last year that Snape-shampoo book post, and now this. How d’you do it? Teach me a thing or two?
    But, now I have the PERFECT prank for my friends (it doesn’t have to be April fool’s day to annoy them, I do that on a daily basis)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, it would make an excellent Black Mirror episode, though.

      “Watch this author go crazy as her AI-powered book writing software tries to claim ownership over the book she made it write”

      Cue Irma Thomas’ Anyone Who Knows What Love Is. 🎶

      Liked by 1 person

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