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TV show review: Netflix’s The Chalet

I’ve recently been struggling to find a good, binge-worthy TV show on Netflix. Every weekend, I’ll keep scrolling endlessly through the site and find nothing at all. So this week, when the French thriller, The Chalet, dropped on Netflix, I immediately jumped at it.


This six-episode show is about childhood friends returning to Valmoline, a village in the French Alps where they all grew up in. The friends all stay in a chalet owned by Phillippe and his sister Muriel. The episodes also include flashbacks to 20 years back, when the Rodiers, a family of four, move into the chalet. The flashbacks are about relationships between the Rodiers and two other families who are still residents of Valmoline, 20 years later.

No one makes thrillers like the French, but The Chalet was a little disappointing for me. The show starts off with the hackneyed cabin in the woods trope, but it tries to be mostly original. It even has a great premise. But halfway through the show, you can clearly figure out what’s going on and why. It’s only the who that’s missing. If you, like yours truly, are obsessed with suspenseful thrillers, this will definitely be a let down for you.

While there’s no suspense left by episode 4, it’s still an intriguing story. The show has great music, a haunting piano theme, and the cast has acted really well. The story is tied up neatly in the end, but a little less filler scenes, and a little more suspense would have done the show good.

If there is a season 2, I’ll definitely watch it!

Check out the show’s trailer here:


~ Shruti

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20 thoughts on “TV show review: Netflix’s The Chalet

      1. I heard the same about Veronica. I watched it but to me it wasn’t that scary. There were some slightly unsettling moments but nothing that made me jump out of my seat.

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    1. I haven’t! I should probably watch Alias Grace. I’m also watching The Good Place to tide me over until the next binge-worthy series drops. And there’s my excitement for the next season of OITNB. It’ll probably release in May, as usual. 😁

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    1. Omg tell me about it. It took me a while to get who was who. And I’m very bad with faces, so it just made watching it all the more difficult. I actually had to watch the intro scene again to find out who Olivier and Mathilde were. And this is why figuring out the ending was easy too. 🙈


  1. (Spoiler)
    1. What happened to the lotto money? Just bought Seb a sports car?
    2. Where is literally everyone else in the village? So many buildings.
    3. All this killing going on and no one makes another swing by the hermit’s house who was a relative of the missing family?

    I’m not usually a nit-picker, but this frustrated me.

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    1. Omg, yes, there are a lot of unanswered questions. But your second question can be answered. Phillippe or Muriel—I don’t remember who—remarks that most people moved away from Valmoline and it’s almost a ghost town now.

      But I have a lot more questions. Who did Erika see before she stumbled and fell? Who caused the landslide if both Amelie and Julian were in the cars? Why did no one think to check Alexander’s house entirely?

      Just too many unanswered questions for me to like this show entirely.


      1. There was a passing remark from one of the characters about the fact they used the lotto money for their children and how in the end they were all too reluctant to leave Valmoline.

        As for who Erika saw before she died, I think it was either Oliver or Adele. The landslide could have been chalked up to a freaky coincidence to have happened at the same time the kids’ revenge plan was set in motion. Or maybe the hermit helped them do it since he was a relative of the the kids’ mother. Plus he is supposed to be super smart in math so it probably wouldn’t have been hard for him to figure out how to cause a landslide.

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  2. Nowhere online does it mention the actress portraying Adéle’s younger self, Amelie, the sister of Julien!? Do minors not get credited in France?

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