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Chai Break: Will reading YA books get you more followers?

Chai break is a periodic feature on This is Lit to discuss concerns that every book blogger has. This is meant to be a lighthearted discussion that you’d have over tea and the only reason for it not being called Discussion Post is that the site’s author thinks that would be too mainstream. Pfft.

Look who’s back! This feature is back on This is Lit due to popular demand and is here to stay!

Today’s topic is about one of the unspoken assumptions about YA bloggers. We’ve all thought this in the past; YA bloggers get more attention than the rest of us lesser citizens. Which leads to it’s immediate corollary: Review more YA novels to get more followers. So we’re going to be discussing just that. Will reading (and reviewing) YA novels get you more followers?

Several blogging peeps seem to believe so and here’s what I think.

That’s right. I call BS. It makes no sense to say that if you want more followers, you should read more Young Adult literature. That’s bonkers.

Here’s the thing about YA and contemporary fiction.

A lot of people love them. A LOT. Which will naturally lead to more site visits when you review books of these genres. Sure, there are a lot of YA bloggers who probably have more followers than you, but that’s not just because they read YA.

A major contribution is from how regular they are and how their posting schedule is. Just take a look at YA bloggers’ reading challenges. It usually more than 100. Let’s say a blogger reads 100 books a year and most of it is YA. Half of those must be new releases and ARCs, which means, because of their readership, more people are going to be looking these books up closer to release date. That’s how they get such huge stats.

Whereas people like me who mostly review literary fiction won’t make anything off of reviews. Seriously. I wrote one whole discussion post about it: Chai break: Why reviews just won’t cut it anymore.

Wait, didn’t you just call BS on reading more YA for more followers?

Yes, I did. Saying that not reviewing YA is the only reason you don’t get followers doesn’t make sense to me. If you’re a niche blogger, other people who like your topics of writing will automatically follow.

Just because YA has a lot of takers, doesn’t mean other genres don’t. I see a lot of blogs that review just Sci-Fi, crime fiction, or literary fiction having as great a readership as a YA blog. Hell, I don’t review YA, either. And I have just as many followers as the next YA blogger.

I strongly believe that not being a fan of YA is totally fine. If you hate YA, don’t put yourself through the trouble of writing about it just to get followers. Read what you love. Blog about what you love. Your happiness is more important than your follower count.

Side note: I read 3 YA books a couple of days back. I will be reviewing them in the coming weeks. This is the first time I’m going to be reviewing proper Young Adult books on my blog. I’m going to see if that has any impact on my stats at all. Expect a detailed analysis post once all three reviews are up.

Let’s discuss.

Do you think you’d get more followers if you reviewed YA books? Or do you, like me, think that’s not true? Let me know in the comments.

~ Shruti

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55 thoughts on “Chai Break: Will reading YA books get you more followers?

  1. I do think reading YA attracts more readers AT THIS MOMENT. It is the YA moment. That may change, However, I also agree with that not reviewing YA is NOT the only reason some blog don’t get followers> there are so many reason why a blog may not being successful. Same way that blogs that review other age groups are very successful. Great post!

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    1. You’re right! It really is the YA moment! But I’m tired of people saying that not reading YA is the only reason for not getting enough followers. I feel bad and want to tell people that their content is valued, they just need to wait it out and keep writing what they love. 😊

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    1. Wait, what’s OA?

      And young adult books are novels written for, well, young adults. But adults read the books too because they’re good enough to be read by all ages. YA is quite the rage in the book community these days. 😁


        1. Of course adults can read them! I’m an adult and I read YA! Everyone reads YA. Well, almost everyone. The main characters are usually teens and young adults. That’s the only difference about these books. You must have heard of Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent, and the like. They’re all YA fiction.

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  2. Ha Shruti interesting topic as usual. No I don’t think you’ll get more followers if you read YA only. It happens every time you read something in a niche like you said. Romance bloggers have their fair share of followers. The same can be said for bloggers in thrillers or crime or ….What is maybe more difficult is when you are out of a niche like I am. It can be confusing for followers as I read YA but also adult. Sweet and pink then dark and twisted. Contemporary then fantasy etc. But I don’t care. As long as I’m happy with what I’m doing that’s the most important 😉

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    1. You’re right, Sophie! I started off with reviewing just crime and thrillers, and then moved on to literary fiction and women’s fiction. And in a couple of days I’m going to be reviewing YA. When you don’t have a niche, it can be a little confusing. But you also end up getting the best of all worlds—at least that’s what I’d like to believe, haha.

      And again, like you said, all that matters is we’re happy with what we do. 😊


  3. I think YA has a really big potential audience, but if you don’t post regularly (no matter the frequency) or interact with folks in the community then you can focus all you want on a given genre and not grow your following 🙂 As long as your excitement for whichever books you choose to read shows in your content, followers with similar interests will find you 🙂

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  4. I think YA bloggers maybe DO often get more followers, simply due to the fact that a lot of people like YA right now, but I also think that reading YA books to try to get more followers both is stupid, an most likely won’t work. If a blogger isn’t interested in what they’re reviewing, it’s likely going to show in their posts, possibly even leading to a SMALLER following, not a larger one. And besides, I would rather being interacting with people who have similar interests to me, even if it IS a smaller group…

    That said, I DO read and review YA, because it’s where I’m the most interested personally.

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    1. Yes yes yes, Iris! 😁 I completely agree with you. If you ever put yourself through reading a book of a genre you don’t like, it’ll most definitely show in your review. It’s always best to blog about what you love. Followers with automatically…follow? 😂😆

      I really like YA too! There was a time when I used to read only YA and I kinda stopped. In fact, I read my first YA book in 2 years only last week and I loved it! 😊 I actually went on to read 2 more YA books after that too, haha. 😊

      Thanks for commenting!

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  5. Nice post, Shruti! I have seen that most of the YA bloggers have gained the followers fastly as compared to other bloggers. But yes, I agree with you 100% that it’s not just because they read YA. There are several factors to it.
    I have found that most of the YA bloggers are rather young, probably in high school, so they have comparatively a little more time than us, who are working or even married. I am not saying that school doesn’t require time, it does. But I think, you still have much free time. So they have much time to read and blog and for even interacting on social media. And these days, the more you interact, the more followers you have. That’s what I have generally seen.
    Also, yes the YA is like current at the moment? Everyone likes it. I too love it. So naturally, when you write a YA book, more people are attracted to it. But I don’t believe that you should read YA just to gain the followers.
    I am not THAT much into fantasy, though I have loved the recent YA fantasies I have read. But I don’t force myself to read every YA fantasy series people are raving about, because series are hard for me to follow.
    So I guess, in the end, it totally depends on you, what you love to read. If you put your 100% effort in writing your post, people will like it for sure.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Sim! You’ve written an entire post here! 😆

      Everything you said makes sense to me. And one more thing about YA is how fast you can read it. That’s why I chose all YA books for Dewey’s this year. It also depends on how much time the reader has to read and how fast they are, but statistically, YA bloggers read and write more than the rest of us. That could also contribute a little. 😊

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  6. I think it very much depends on which YA book you review and what the context is. Over the years, I’ve reviewed a fair sprinkling of YA books and I really don’t think I get a spike that I can track just to the YA aspect of the books…

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  7. I’m a YA blogger and I have found that doing book reviews of popular books brings more views to my site and also more followers. However, I don’t review too many new books. I like to help out other indie authors and tend to do more indie book reviews on my blog.
    I don’t think you should ever review something you don’t like for the sake of followers as it will show in your content. I honestly don’t think being just a YA book blogger truly means that you will get more followers. Just blog what you’re happy about, and the people will come. 🙂


  8. I noticed that when I review a YA book on my blog, the views and comments are higher. But when I review an adult book, they are less. Just something I noticed. This was a great post! 😀


  9. I rarely review/read YA, but i haven’t noticed anything negative. I love crime fiction and have quite a few of my followers who are also fans and we just chat about that, basically 😀

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  10. I do think there is a trend between YA Bloggers and more followers, even when they’re not posting as much content. I post 5 times a week – always 1 post being a review, sometimes 2! – and even still, I don’t have as many followers as lots of other YA blogs who post less often. Not complaining, I love the followers I do have (of which there are quite a lot!!) but I just think there is a correlation between YA blogs and more followers – down to the point you, and others are making, there’s more of an audience for it! 🙂

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  11. Actually… there is some truth to the YA thing. Everything you mentioned? I post very consistently (most of the time 4 times a week). Most of the books I review are new releases, just not YA. But I still have poor stats. Almost everyone I know who started blogging two years ago, like me? Now has double my followers. So I don’t know, if it’s mostly YA, or if I just write boring content. You don’t read YA, so it’s probably just that my content is bad. Thinking it’s YA is the only thing that let’s me not feel THAT horrible about myself 😦

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    1. Woman, I’ve told you this before. Your content is good. You’re one of the most popular bloggers around here. I don’t know how your stats are low, but you are definitely famous. And like every other person mentioned here, this is YA’s moment. Irrespective of their regularity in posting, their posts get so many comments. We shouldn’t feel bad if we don’t get as much.

      Also, I’ve been reviewing YA for the past week alone and I still get the same number of comments I usually do. Maybe I’m the one who’s boring, but not you. 😂


    1. This maybe a little premature, but my stats are the same as usual. I still have to review Eleanor Oliphant and The Upside of Unrequited (two very popular books), so let’s see how it goes. xD

      Thanks for stopping by! 😊


  12. I occasionally read YA if the book looks like it will appeal to me anyway, but I don’t think I could consistently read any one type of book – especially not just to increase my follower count. Surely a lack of enthusiasm would seep through the posts after a while?

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    1. Yup, it’ll definitely show if we review books we just can’t get into! I read YA occasionally only too. May has been the month of YA for me so far. But I think I’m done for the month. Have to get back to my boi, Faulkner. 😅


  13. I practically review any and all genres and not so many YA books (though this summer I’m reading only YA books because I feel fuzzy-ish).
    And I’ve seen that YA book bloggers have a lot of followers. But that’s not just because of the YA genre book reviews I’m sure! I prefer blogs that review different books because I try to be open to all genres😀

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        1. Right, I think there are more important things to worry about than what a person likes to read.

          I never think that at all, even when people say they like classics. I always say Oh, cool! I wish I liked classics! I just can’t get into any of them even though I got A’s on the books we read in high school and college.


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