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45 killer blog post ideas for book bloggers.

In my previous Wednesday Wisdom post, I spoke about certain kinds of posts that you should be writing. Today, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty and look at actual post ideas that could make your next blog post.

This is just a list of blog posts you could use in your blog. If you have a suggestion for these blog posts, let me know in the comments!

Book blog post ideas:

  1. Write a book review (yes, I added the most obvious one).
  2. List your favourite books and explain why you liked them.
  3. Share your favourite book covers.
  4. Write a discussion post short vs long novels.
  5. Give genre-based book recommendations to your readers.
  6. List your favourite character names from books.
  7. Discuss the pros and cons of Goodreads reading challenges.
  8. Re-read your favourite childhood book now and write about whether your opinion of it changed.
  9. Write about your favourite book-to-screen adaptation(s).
  10. List book characters you’d love to be best friends with.
  11. Tell us why you started reading.
  12. List books with the best opening lines.
  13. Write about how people in your country can get more review copies.
  14. Share your favourite retellings of a classic.
  15. List popular books or series that you’ve never read.
  16. Write a weekly/monthly wrap-up post.
  17. Create a bingo-board for a reading challenge (if you’re up for following up on it and participants).
  18. Review a book from a genre you usually don’t read.
  19. Interview an author.
  20. List hyped up books you were disappointed with.
  21. Write about your favourite book boyfriends/girlfriends.
  22. Share your favourite maps from fantasy books.
  23. List tropes and cliches that you love.
  24. Compare NetGalley with Edelweiss and tell us which one you prefer more.
  25. Hardcover or paperback: Which do you prefer more?
  26. Write about bookstagram. (If you’re good at it, you can give tips too).
  27. Discuss your favourite and least favourite trend in the bookstagram community.
  28. Write about the one social network you love publicising your blog posts/reading on.
  29. List your favourite fictional cities.
  30. Write about books you bought just for their covers.
  31. List your favourite self-published books.
  32. Rant about something bookish. Do you want to diss people who say audiobooks aren’t real books? Do you hate a trope? Rant away!
  33. Write about the fandoms you love.
  34. Make a seasonal blog post (birthday, Thanksgiving, snow day, National Pancake day…anything, really).
  35. Introduce yourself and tell your readers about what you do when you’re not blogging.
  36. Review bookish products like subscription boxes, candles, book lights, and more.
  37. Confess to a book sin you’ve committed (dog-eared a page? Broke a spine? Reveal it all!)
  38. List books whose endings were spoiled for you.
  39. Write about book inspired costumes.
  40. List your favourite Christmas/summer/beach reads.
  41. Discuss the pros and cons of being a book blogger.
  42. Write about your favourite fictional items (time turners, Tardis, the cupboard to Narnia).
  43. Write about the lessons you’ve learned from blogging so far.
  44. Recommend underrated books that are similar to hyped books everyone loves. (For eg., if you loved Gone Girl, you’ll also like…)
  45. Write about a book you love that everyone hates.

There you go. These were just a few topics I could think of. There’s a whole world of things you could write about on your blog. If you have any suggestions for the list, add those in the comments!

~ Shruti

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