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5 essential things your book blog should have.

Welcome back to another Wednesday Wisdom post, this time on the essential information you need to have on your book blog.

In my experience of blogging for almost 3 years, I’ve identified certain essentials that help accomplish your blogging goals. In this short post, I’ll be quickly listing those essentials along with why exactly you need them.

1. About page

Your blog is your personal brand. You need to dedicate a page to talk about the person behind the blog. You don’t need a huge About section, just a paragraph or two would do. This will help make your blog look more human.

Oh and it really helps when you’re applying for jobs and have put your blog in your resumé. xD

2. Review policy

Having a review policy is an absolute must for book bloggers! In a future Wednesday Wisdom post, I’ll explain how you need to structure it, but for now, here’s why this page is required. As a book blogger, you’re going to be contacted by authors and publishers requesting you to review their books. If you offered the information firsthand on your site, you’ll attract just the right kind of requesters and you can avoid mailbox clutter.

3. Disclaimers and privacy policies

As a website owner, you need to make sure you get certain legal aspects out of the way. You need both a privacy policy and disclaimers about the information you collect and store, the graphics you use, and more.

Simant over at Flipping Through The Pages explained it brilliantly in her Staying Legal posts part 1 and 2.

4. Contact page

You have a review policy, all your disclaimers are in place, and now you can’t wait to get your hands on a review copy. But how are you going to land one if you haven’t even given a means to be contacted?

Add a contact form and also mention your email address so authors and publishers can easily reach out to you.

5. Responsive theme

It’s the age of the internet and everyone and their mom uses mobile phones. Your blog is going to be read on a lot of mobiles and you need to make sure your theme will allow it. Research a theme well before you settle for it so people don’t bounce the minute they see that your blog post isn’t readable on their iPhones.

These may seem basic to veteran bloggers, but it’s surprising how many new bloggers forget one or more of these points!

Set these up and you’re…well…all set!

~ Shruti

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23 thoughts on “5 essential things your book blog should have.

  1. I always love to double check if I follow all the points on blogposts like this 😂 a part of curiosity a part of … well, making sure my blog is fine I guess ahah!

    Out of your list, I hope the 5th one is okay.. but really still only need the contact page needed. Mostly because… I have no idea how to set one up, can we even do that with free wordpress ? mmmh.. 🤔
    Thank you for this post ! xx

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  2. Such an important list Shruti! Particularly when it comes to responsive themes and the legal side, you can have the prettiest blog but on a mobile if it’s not responsive well…it doesn’t really matter cause it won’t look nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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