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7 spoken word poems you should listen to today.

Heya, nerds!

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know just how much I love poems. My love for poetry and metaphors rammed full speed into my love for performance arts to give me this innate interest in spoken word poetry.

I follow a variety of spoken word poets, but most of my favourite have performed for Button Poetry, an independent performance poetry company. I believe these 7 poems are some of the best out there. They’re about eclectic topics and I’m sure even someone who doesn’t like poetry can appreciate some of the poems here.

Without further ado, here’s some of the best poems in no particular order.

1. Explaining My Depression to My Mother by Sabrina Benaim

I’m sure you’ve seen this particular poem floating around on social media often. No one has quite captured how depression feels quite accurately as Sabrina has in this one.

2. Black Thong Underwear by Melissa Lozada-Olivia

Melissa is a favourite performance poet of mine. This poem is for anyone out there who is stuck at a job they don’t like. Should you follow your heart or grit your teeth and stay because of the money? Melissa doesn’t have the answers, but she beautifully performs about how it feels to wonder.

3. Alternate Universe in Which I’m Unfazed By the Men Who Do Not Love Me by Olivia Gatwood

Olivia Gatwood’s Alternate Universe poems are always relatable and this one’s no different. This poem is for every person out there who wastes valuable time being hung up on men who do not deserve their love.

4. When Love Arrives by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

This performance never fails to make me smile. Each time someone says they want to get into watching performance poetry, this is the video I show them. In this modern world, here are two poets who say it as it is–love arrives only when it’s supposed to and leaves when it must.

5. 21 by Patrick Roche

What do children of alcoholic parents go through? In this raw, emotional poem, Roche tells us exactly that. And it’s written in a beautiful format too, so do give it a listen.

6. Make Up by Olivia Gatwood and Megan Falley

This one is a rallying cry for every woman who is tired of being told to wear makeup, shave, bleach, pluck, and prod their skins just so they can come somewhere close to a nonsensical ideal woman. If these two amazing woman ever join hands with Jameela Jamil and form a cult, I’ll be THERE for it.

7. Pocket-Sized Feminism by Blythe Baird

Every time I listen to this one, I find a new favourite line. This brilliantly delivered poem explains feminism in the 21st century so well. If you listen to one poem from this list, it should be this.

I have a lot more favourite poems, but I wanted to restrict myself to seven. If you’d like more recommendations, do let me know in the comments.

Performance poetry is beautiful and I hope this art never dies.

~ Shruti

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