Understanding and handling your bookworm: A guide.

The bookworm is a confusing creature. It claims to love books a lot and yet constantly screams, cries about, or throws said books across the room.

What’s going on in its head? And how exactly do you handle it without getting killed in the process?

Here’s a nifty little guide on what your bookworm means when it does and says certain quirky things and how you can handle it.

“I won’t be able to come to your party. I’m busy that day.”

Translation: Yeah, busy reading. Why would I come to your stupid party when I can spend the cuddled up with a book?

Handling: There’s nothing you can do. You have to learn to accept that this how it will always be with your bookworm.

“I’m going to start a book now” or “Just one more chapter”

Translation:I won’t be available to talk to you until I finish this book. Interrupt me and I will end you.

Handling: Do not make eye contact. Walk away and let them come to you once they’re done with the book.

“MY TBR is skyrocketing!”

Translation:…and I will continue buying books anyway!

Handling: Don’t even consider telling them they should cut down on book buying. You will die.


Translation:A book character is having problems. Or my favourite character died. And now I’m sad.

Handling: Do a quick check to see how many pages they have left to read. If they haven’t completed the book, DO NOT ENGAGE. They need to finish the book. If the book is over, however, buy them chocolates, ice cream, and merchandise. Some light hugging is allowed too.

A string of cuss words followed by a loud THUMP.

Translation:A book was just thrown across the room.

Handling: Do not approach. We repeat, DO NOT APPROACH. They loved the book they just read and they’re still processing the ending. Do not approach them until you see them pick up the fallen book and hug it tenderly.

“Oh look! A bookstore! Let’s just pop in for a bit.”

Translation:“A bit” is actually “until closing time” and by “pop in”, I mean “let’s just move in here”.

Handling: You chose to have this bookworm in your life. Deal with it.

There you go, grasshopper! This is how you take care of and deal with the bookworms in your life.

Psst… Want extra brownie points from them? Buy them books! Loads and loads of books!

~ Shruti

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