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Impeccable Petunia (I & II) by Katie Christine

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

I’ve always been strict with my acceptance of review copies. I have a set limit and try not to accept more than I can read within a month of acceptance of the books. When Katie reached out to me about reviewing her books, I broke my own rule because the blurbs impressed me so.

Read on to find out if the books measured up to my expectations.

Synopsis (as sent by Katie):

Impeccable Petunia Part 1: Claws, Paws, Feathers and Jaws

Relegated to a life without hope for anything more than a squalid existence at the bottom of the pecking order, Petunia, a backyard chicken, lives out her days in a flock where gossip flows as currency, with malice at its heart and boredom by its side. Petunia’s plight seems insurmountable until a strange woman’s tears hurl her through a labyrinth that she never anticipated and into a friendship she might not survive.

The Two Tails (Impeccable Petunia Part II)

As The Two Tails opens, the flock confronts a spiral of death and disappearance. Ensnared by a rapacious raccoon and desperate for a way out, Petunia must throw herself at the mercy of the dark, open road with little more than gumption, a pair of useless wings, and a dubious companion as her guide.


Let me say this right off the bat–I did not expect to fall this in love with a backyard chicken.

There, I said it.

Petunia, a backyard chicken at the bottom of the pecking order, sets off on an adventure the day the woman whose backyard she lives in notices her. What follows is Petunia’s journey into dealing with problems in her own flock and also setting off into the real world to rescue a friend from Animal Control.

Right from the first page, the author hooks you in with her dynamite writing voice. Despite being a book geared for children, I’m sure anyone would enjoy reading the stellar tale Katie has weaved. The books are also accompanied by Jonathan Edward’s incredible illustrations.

If you, like yours truly, are a sucker for unlikely animal friendships, you will love this duology. Every single animal in this book has been portrayed really well, be it the leader of the backyard chickens, the usurper, or the big dog in Animal Control who we only see in two chapters. In addition to being an excellent storyteller, Katie is also a master at character development, making every animal unique and well-portrayed in these books.

Impeccable Petunia works because despite being a book on animals, it includes several powerful themes such as bullying, a strained mother-daughter relationship, power hungry characters, loyalty, and going against the grain after overcoming being discriminated against. These are animals with human problems and is the perfect kind of children’s story.

Need more convincing? This story has:

  1. A pecking order of chickens who get up to a LOT of drama.
  2. A friendly dog who’s the goodest boy.
  3. A scheming racoon who’s up to no good.
  4. A friendship to root for between a chicken and a cat.
  5. Animals going on an adventure.
  6. A charmingly evil opossum.

Impeccable Petunia is the kind of story that would make an excellent animated movie. I can’t wait for my niece to become a little older so I can make her read these books!

Rating: 5 out of 5 for both books!

~ Shruti

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