9 exhibits from The Museum of Bookish Misery

The Museum of Bookish Misery is extremely happy to have you here with us on this virtual tour.

Sit back, relax, and feast your eyes on all the low-grade crappy things bookworms have done to land in this museum!

In the collection

1. The first reader to ever dog-ear pages

2. The first person to lose a book they borrowed.

3. The first person to lose a book they borrowed and also have the gall to say “loosen up, yo, it’s just a book”.

4. The first person to whine “but, but, it’s just a book. Why do you care so much?”

5. The first person to break a book’s spine.

6. The person who came up with the idea of “Major Motion Picture” covers.

7. The first person who thought it was a good idea to add stickers to books.

8. The first person to change the size/design of books halfway through their series.

9. The first person who thought movie adaptations were a good idea.

Would you like a book on how to deal with miserable humans such as the ones here? Check out our book Punish the Prick: The Book Dragon’s Handy Guide in the gift shop on your way out!

Psst. This was inspired by my favourite scene from The Good Place.

~ Shruti

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21 thoughts on “9 exhibits from The Museum of Bookish Misery

  1. I really hate that the movie poster becomes the book cover. I’m sure it increases sales, but no one puts the book cover on the movie poster, implying that the movie is always more important. Financially, it actually is, as it costs way more to make a movie, meaning it’s a higher risk. I don’t hate movie adaptations in general, though. I enjoyed Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, Barry Jenkins’s If Beale Street Could Talk, Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride, the BBC series AND the Netflix series of Anne of Green Gables, the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice, Like Water for Chocolate….so many, Shruti!

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  2. This post is everything, oh my goodness I can’t stop laughing Shruti! I agree with all of these but especially the demon that came up with stickers on books! Just NO! Also I hate movie- tie-in covers so much and will never buy them.

    Also sidenote I love The Good Place and that scene in particular, what a great inspiration for this post!

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  3. Ahh I am all her for points 6, 7 and 8 😀 I hate those movie covers. I have never bought a movie cover and I guess would never buy unless that’s the only option. We want to read the story not drool over the stars on the cover. That’s a distraction.

    Ughh, book stickers. Can they also post instructions within the book how to peel them without destroying the cover?

    Different book sizes in mid of the series? WHy? WHo gave you that idea? Don’t you know we bookworms want a beautiful library and this height and color and design mismatch ruin the idea of a perfect library?

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