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Your Truth or Mine? by Trisha Sanklecha

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

Everyone and their mother knows how obsessed I am with crime fiction, so when PanMacmillan reached out to me about reviewing this book, I said yes before I even finished reading their email.

I went in to with high hopes for this book. Did I make it out the other end satisfied? Or were my expectations dashed? Read on to find out!

Goodreads synopsis:

Your Truth or Mine?

Your Truth or Mine? is about the dark secrets couples keep from one another and how a marriage unravels, perfect for fans of Erin Kelly’s He Said/She Said and Lisa Jewell’s Then She Was Gone.

At their wedding Mia and Roy Kapoor promised to love and cherish each other.

Whilst not perfect, their marriage is sacred and their commitment absolute.

But a knock at the door changes everything when Roy is questioned over the disappearance of a young woman.

As Roy and Mia’s life unravels, they must question everything they know about each other if their marriage is to survive.

But what if the real truth is not what they, or you, think?


Mia and Roy Kapoor seem to have everything–the perfect jobs, the perfect house, the perfect marriage. Or so it seems. Underneath the perfect partnership seemingly based on love, mutual respect, and support, trouble is bubbling–signs which Mia doesn’t notice. That is, until the police come knocking on their door, questioning Roy on his involvement in the disappearance of a young colleague. Will their marriage stay strong? Or will their present and Mia’s past make everything come crashing down?

A few pages into the book, I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down until I had finished reading it entirely. Your Truth or Mine is the kind of thrilling, suspenseful novel that every crime fiction junkie craves. It has a lot of twists, psychological drama, and intrigue–it’s the perfect book to read when the weather’s cold and your tea hot.

Sanklecha’s written unique, memorable characters. The book is from both Mia’s and Roy’s points of view. And it was Mia’s POV that completely stole the show for me. Such lyrical prose, such great imagery! Mia is the kind of character readers won’t forget that easily. While the plot in itself is a talented chauffeur of the great ride this book is, it was just as character-driven too.

A small problem in this book, however, is Roy’s character development. He seems like the model husband initially. The changes he shows later on are quick and like Mia, the reader will surely be left scratching their head, wondering if they missed any signs. This is a problem I see quite often in psychological thrillers. Authors focus too much on the suspense and fail to show us the signs that dictate the character’s actions later on in the story.

But despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Your Truth or Mine? is a book I recommend to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers, twists you don’t see coming, and family drama.

Rating: 4 out of 5

~ Shruti

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7 thoughts on “Your Truth or Mine? by Trisha Sanklecha

  1. “When the weather is cold and the tea is hot.” Girl you paint a picture like an artist ♥️ Love your review 😍😍😍 Also Good God, TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS. WHY YOU NO TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS? I can’t take the suspense.

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