What happens when a bot writes your blog posts

Have you ever wondered if you’d be replaced by AI in the near future? I know I have. What if a bot could learn all about my style of writing and create a post of its own for this blog? Well, one of my techie friends gave me my answer.

A while back, he was bored one day and decided to test a machine learning model. You know, as one does.

the office eye roll GIF
(GIF) Stanley rolling his eyes on The Office.

He had come across a general purpose language model called GPT-2 by OpenAI and wanted to test it with my blog’s content. GPT-2 can be trained with existing content to generate high quality text just like a human would. Essentially, he did some tech voodoo and made a bot read through everything I’ve ever written so it could try writing like me.

Did it pull it off? Am I being replaced by a machine? Let’s find out.

1. It reviewed probably the best book ever.

Book Reviews The Black Swan by Yasser Arafat and Yohai The Black Swan is a beautiful novel about a group of friends who all love books, but when they are bored of their books, they all start doing stupid shit

2. It created books of its own.

The bot actually came up with a bunch of non-existent book titles, including the following:

  • The Girl With The Glasses
  • I Wanna Make a Deal with the Devil: The True Story Behind the Unwanted Child Movement
  • An Unearthly Child by Ralph Wynn
  • The Unsolved Mysteries of Laura Frennan-Smith by Diane Shaw
  • Hobbit Girls
  • Kung-Fu Panda 2: One Hundred and Nineteenth Anniversary by Jason Schwartzman
  • The Secret Life of a Muggle-Born Philosopher
  • Lust at Dawn: Why I Am A Buddhist
  • Buddy Holly is on hiatus from Twitter
3. It reviewed a non-existent Jodi Picoult novel.

I guess it picked up on all the different times I’ve talked about Jodi on this blog. So it just about created a book of its own and reviewed it too!

Hi there!

Here is a review of The Frozen Tundra by Jodi Picoult! She is an author who never fails to impress! I can hear her voice when I watch my copy of this book, but she really can’t stop laughing and laughing at things. If you haven’t read the book, I recommend you read it!

Frozen is a classic, with a very dark tone and yet beautiful story…and if you love black and white and classic, you will like this one too. The story follows the adventures of an old polar bear cub. I have no idea of the colour scheme of the bear, but I can say it looks amazing in the dark. The book ends with the bears finding the land around them, but I also love the snow.

4. It wrote about authors of contradictory book titles.

New York Times bestselling author Thomas Pynchon has been nominated for the 2019 Booker Prize for The World Is Hollow. His next book, The World Is Not Hollow, is currently scheduled for release on February 24.

5. It was very good at writing about death.

The man who was the one who died, has a heart condition that prevents him from breathing again.

correct futurama GIF
(GIF) A man saying “You are technically correct. The best kind of correct.”
6. It created an abusive. not-straight character named Jell-O.

Today I want to talk about Jell-O and the relationship between him and his mother.  Let’s first get a look at the different aspects of Jell-O. And what are the main reasons for the relationship that they are?

1) Jell-O is not a straight guy. 

2) Jell-O is not a loving and nurturing person.

3) Jell-O is an emotional abuser.

One of the main reasons Jell-O is a manipulative, manipulative person is his own abuse of his own personal identity.  Jell-O can cause some drama. He doesn’t want to hurt, or anything, for that matter. After all, he is still a part of the story, he is just getting started, it will never be over in real life. He still has feelings of grief for the dead, and may need to wait for the next time he gets a chance to be a part of the story.

7. It gave a book its own Goodreads synopsis.

Goodreads synopsis:

What can you expect of a novel about love in the face of tragic events? This novel tells of the life of a loveable couple who face the very first tragedy of their lives, the murder of their loved ones. The author, Sarah Brennan, is a great and kind person. Despite her background I always believed in Sarah as a character

8. It had better clarity than me about writing.

What did you choose to do as a writer, then?

I was very naive when it comes to writing a series. I had no idea what was going to happen. I wanted it to be a lighthearted, realistic tale and I also wanted it to have a sense of drama, emotion, and suspense. I had no idea what I should do with the main characters in the first place, but I knew I had to make it a lighthearted, realistic story that would have the main characters struggling to find their happiness and love.

9. In a Black Mirror-esque twist, it wrote this.


Why is a person to be killed?

A lot of people need to be killed. It’s easy to forget that for a number of reasons.

dr house oops GIF
(GIF) Dr. House saying “oops”.
10. It came after me too.

Shruti is a recovering alcoholic and drug addicted book blogger and author based in Sydney, Australia. She lives in Westwood with her husband and two cats.

Confess I Am GIF by Kathryn Dean
(GIF) A lady with her hand raised, saying “That would be me”.
11. It gave some amazing memoir prompts.

It picked up on the fact that I love sad memoirs and came up with this.

A memoir of a father’s struggle to get a girlfriend.

A memoir about two women who had a tragic, heartbreaking wedding.

A memoir of a father and his children surviving a whirlwind marriage.

A memoir explaining the struggles that led to their marriage.

A memoir of a father and his children’ experiences leaving home.

A memoir about a father who fights against love and loss.

A memoir of a father and his children coping with the loss of his wife.

A memoir of a married man and his children’ loss of a beloved sister.

A memoir of a mother and his sister living alone together.

A memoir of a father and his daughters who have lost loved ones.

In all, this was a fun experiment with wild results. And I’m happy I won’t be replaced by a bot here. For now, at least.

~ Shruti

38 thoughts on “What happens when a bot writes your blog posts

      1. I suppose it would be a costly way to maintain an internet presence. A bot is for free. I believe that very soon believe that human bloggers and writers will become redundant. People will just check what their bots have been writing to each other and writers will be replaced by the progeny of this GPT-2 program (GPT-10 or so).

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  1. I laughed at the Jodi Picoult review so much! The description of the bear was just too good! Although there is a lot of AI development out there it will be a long while before human emotions are ever transmitted in a robot’s writing so I think you are safe for now!

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