Book Blogger Tips

I’ve been a marketer as long as I’ve been blogging and I love implementing the content marketing and copy writing tips I’ve picked up on the job here on my blog.

Here are a few tips I’ve written for fellow book nerds trying to take their blog to the next level.

How to start a book blog.

9 tips for first-time book bloggers
Just started a book blog? Here are a few tips I wish I knew when I first started out.
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How to write a review policy.
Here are a few pointers on how you can craft a review policy publishers will find useful.
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5 must-haves on any book blog.
Think of the first few things you notice when you visit any webpage. Those are your essentials.
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Writing tips and ideas.

45 killer blog post ideas.
Check out this list of blog post ideas when the big old slump hits. I know I do.
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11 blog post types to try.
Don’t want specific post ideas? Here are a few generic post types you could try.
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Writing an irresistible headline.
Here are a few tips on writing a magnetic headline readers can’t help but click.
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Why do list posts work so well?
I’m a huge fan of lists and there’s nothing like a good old listicle to make a blog post exciting!
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5 ways to get out of your blogging slump.
Slumps are a pain in the neck. As a serial slump-er (?), here are a few tips on how you can get out of it.
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How to make your blog your brand.
I wrote this at the peak of my marketer-sage-bro phase and people apparently still find it helpful.
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General tips

SEO for dummies.
Find out what Search Engine Optimisation is and how it can help your blog.
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Blog layout tips.
A good blog layout and theme only enhances the value your content already offers.
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A NetGalley hack
Here’s a solution to a common problem we all have on NetGalley when accessing a title.
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