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Find out what authors and bloggers have to say about This is Lit.


“This is Lit – Book Blog has it all, from book reviews to tips about how to be a blogger, to interviews with authors. This blog caters to the needs of both avid readers and authors.”

— Al Stone, Talisman of El


As an author, I find book bloggers essential in helping to get the word out and for getting honest feedback. However, I have found that not all book blogs are equal. After contacting hundreds of bloggers and working with dozens of them, I can honestly say that Shruti is miles ahead of most. This Is Lit is well laid out and easy to navigate. Shruti is a great communicator, friendly, and writes excellent reviews which are honest, lively, and thorough.

— Daniel Garrison, Drifting in the Push


Shruti Ramanujam is a fabulous writer with a dynamite voice. It’s entirely possible that I sent her review of Best Intentions to everyone on my contact list.

— Erika Raskin, Best Intentions


I have enjoyed reading Shruti’s This Is Lit blog, and of course featuring on it! Shruti is an open blogger, and her reviews are full of warmth, wit and – most importantly – integrity.

— Hannah Fielding, Indiscretion


This is Lit conveys Shruti’s enthusiasm for the written word. She reviews with passion and integrity and is utterly professional. A wonderful, entertaining blog.

— Jaq Hazell, My Life as a Bench


This is Lit is a great site authored by someone that is passionate about the written word and creates reviews with clarity and precision.”

— Peter Bailey, Kings of the World


She writes from the heart. I love the honesty in her words.

— Pragya Bhagat, More Than a Memory


This is Lit is a great review site with plenty of content by a blogger who is passionate about her books and is always a pleasure to visit.”

— Sarah Jane Higbee, Running Out of Space


An outstanding resource for writers that I return to again and again.”

— Scott Kauffman, Revenants: The Odyssey Home


Shruti did a review of my book that was well-written, helpful and professional.

— Sharon DeVinney, Despair to Deliverance: A True Story of Triumph Over Severe Mental Illness




This Is Lit is one of the funniest blogs I follow. I love it!

— Evelina, Avalinah’s Books


I love reading the This Is Lit book blog. Shruti is great at writing reviews and makes me laugh as I read any of her content.

Jenn Garey, Bound to Writing


This is Lit: Book Blog is something we can all count upon to have unbiased reviews, snarky comments, and humorous takes on everyday things.

— Karthik Kumar, The Blog of Karthi


This is Lit is an absolutely AMAZING book blog! Each of Shruti’s reviews are honest, detailed, and downright hilarious!

— Shreya Madhusudan, Bookwormtopia


This is Lit – Book Blog is a ready reckoner for me and I’m sure is for many other book lovers. Shruti’s no-nonsense approach, combined with her wit and her way with words makes for a great read and helps decide whether or not to pick a book. The wide genre of books she manages to read and review makes me want to drop everything and read up every book she recommends.”

— Vidya Vasudevan, Life Under the Sky



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